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5 Things to do for the Environment this Earth Day



Help the environment a little this Earth Day

Earth Day is an annual event celebrated on 22nd April worldwide to demonstrate support for environmental protection. Here’s a list of things you can do for your local community this Earth Day and beyond. Show your support for the Earth and your future…

In our current environmental state, with climate change, global warming and so on, we have to act quickly in order to save our home and wildlife from deteriorating or going extinct. Here are just a few of the many little changes you can make to extend the earth’s lifespan. Not just on Earth Day, but the whole year round.


Did you know it takes your plastic bag 1,000 years to decompose? Plastic bottles take at least 450 years! There are probably plastic bags your great-grandfather used still lying somewhere trying to decompose. If you eliminate plastic items from your life and replace them gradually with reusable material like glass, tote bags and so on, you can do so much for the environment.

Make a little change this earth day and invest in a tote bag or two with some reusable produce bags. To get some of these you can refer to this Amazon link.


If you use plastic items and don’t dispose of them properly, i.e recycle, it’s very likely you’ll pollute the environment. There are so many videos of sea turtles mistaking plastic bags for jellyfish, and getting plastic straws stuck in their nostrils. Videos also exist showing beached aquatic animals that died of plastic intoxication. Not to mention the many littered beaches. Luckily on the beaches at Bournemouth and Boscombe, there are various general waste and recycling bins stationed around, so you won’t find it hard to locate a bin.


It may seem like a really good idea to give your clothes to a charity shop. But because of the quantities of clothing received, many charity shops ship these clothes to third-world countries. This can, in turn, pollute them.

So, before you give your clothes to these shops, try to re-home them by selling on sites like depop or giving to friends and family.


Try to buy packaging-free products wherever you can. A lot of our waste is from packaging, whether it’s Amazon delivery packages, meat and vegetable packaging, and so on. These things will often end up in your rubbish bin.

Here’s some things you can do instead. Start going to the farmer’s market for your groceries or getting the unpackaged options in grocery stores. There are also packaging-free shops like Almond & Co., soon to be opening in Westbourne. Buying from such places can make so much difference.


For food waste, you can either invest in a compost bin at home or find a community compost bin. The results of this can, in turn, be used as fertiliser. So, you are disposing of waste and using it towards growing your own produce.

We know it is not necessarily the cheapest option to follow these steps, but nothing good ever came free. These are small but impactful steps that can make our world greener and safer for everyone involved.

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Bournemouth Repair Café Fighting Throwaway Culture



Images by Dominic Hughes and supplied by Transition Bournemouth

Ahead of the return of Bournemouth Repair Café on Saturday 20th July, I met project lead, Jennie Allen, to find out more about their mission.

Bournemouth repair café is a cog in an international movement of repair cafes striving to resist throwaway culture. Originating from Amsterdam, repair cafes are free meeting places with a base of skilled volunteers, encouraging members of the public to bring in damaged goods for repair. From electricals and textiles to jewellery and furniture, the repair café has you covered.

The Bournemouth repair café is a product of Transition Bournemouth – a local community initiative reducing the impacts of peak oil and climate change. The movement is founded on the belief that working together as communities is where real change takes place, as opposed to individual efforts or waiting for the government to act on issues of concern.


Repairs are often simpler than expected


Project lead Jennie Allen, said:

“The goal is to reduce landfill waste whilst encouraging communities to share at the same time…”

Sharing comes in a variety of forms, including skill sharing, tool sharing and idea sharing. A key objective of the repair café is to pass on knowledge. For instance, those coming in with broken iPhones should leave with the skills to fix them.

“It relates to the idea of a circular economy. People always say ‘reduce, reuse and recycle’, but there is a fourth art as well. ‘Repair’ – one that people don’t do as they used to, because of throwaway culture”

A recent study found that one product successfully repaired at a repair café can prevent up to 24 kilos of carbon dioxide emissions. The study echoes the general message implicit in the repair café movement – that the significant barrier to repair is the general public’s lack of necessary skills, rather than irreparable damage to products.


Repair cafés are entirely voluntary, although donations are always welcomed. Donations go towards hiring venues, acquiring new tools and components and covering travel expenses for volunteers. Plus providing refreshments, of course!

Jennie also emphasised that the project should not be viewed as a challenge to local businesses. Rather, they aim to help people become more conscious of sustainable repair practices.


Jennie Allen – Project Lead for Bournemouth Repair Cafe

The event will be held at Bournemouth Library on Saturday 20th July from 2-4pm, in the large meeting room on the second floor.

“We welcome the public to come in with broken items. We will carry out repairs and hopefully teach a thing or two!”

If you are interested, Jennie will welcome you at Bournemouth Library from 2pm tomorrow!

Find out more via the Bournemouth Repair Café Facebook page, or e-mail 

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What’s On: Rosé & Fizz Festival



The festival is hosted by Maison Sax, Ashley Cross, Poole

Following a successful gin celebration, Maison Sax hosts a festival dedicated to all things pink and bubbly…

August kicks off in style this year with Maison Sax in Ashley Cross. They’re hosting their own Rosé and Fizz Festival on the 10th.

The event was announced following the success of their artisan gin festival back in May. It will take place in their huge Provençal garden at the back of this bistro-style restaurant.

English Oak Vineyard are among the local brands showcasing their products, including an array of sparkling wines.

And rosé and bubbly lovers will be very pleased to learn that the event is free to enter. All you need to do is comment “Fizz o’clock” on the event’s Facebook page.

Find out more about Maison Sax in this article, or visit the restaurant’s website

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Stuart Goldsmith to Headline Coastal Comedy



Coastal Comedy presents Stuart Goldsmith

As their season draws to a close, Coastal Comedy has one last high-profile act to share with you…

Award-winning monthly event Coastal Comedy welcomes Stuart Goldsmith this weekend in the last show of their season. The comedian and podcast host will headline the show, taking place on Saturday 13th July at Poole’s Lighthouse Theatre.

Goldsmith has a reputation for smart, accessible stand-up, a natural charm and a quick wit. All this was honed by his early years as a street performer. His act features many up-front revelations about love, sex and romance (among other things), offering plenty of surprises along the way.

Alongside Goldsmith and the event’s founder Adrienne Coles, two other acts will take the Coastal Comedy stage. Opening the show is Rick Kiesewetter, an observational comic with specialist subjects in national identities and stereotypes. And then there’s Johnny Wardlow, part of the BBC New Comedy Awards for three years running.

Coastal Comedy has earned high recognition as one of the best nights out in Bournemouth. This includes the Night Time Award at this year’s BH Stars, plus a finalist in for the Best Night Out Award at 2018’s BAPTAs. Each and every evening never disappoints.

Interested? Get on over to the Coastal Comedy website to book your tickets or visit their Facebook page for more information…

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